Microsoft Multi Tenant Policy Monitoring

Our platform is all your MSP needs to automate the deployment, back up and monitoring of policies across all of your Microsoft Tenants


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Hard problems we're solving for MSPs

Be confident with monitored security policies. Eliminate repetition and errors. Deploy and manage security policies across multiple tenants. Use best practice baseline policies.

I'm not sure if my tenants policies have changed since yesterday

My 365 policies are not backed up effectively

I knew too late when MFA was turned off in a tenant

I'm missing sales opportunities on upselling 365 secure baselines

It takes too long to deploy 365 policies to a new customer

My engineers are making mistakes deploying policies manually

Rolling out policy changes across multiple tenants is too slow

I need alerting & reporting on 365 policies across my tenants


Key Features

Backup and Restore Policies

Deploy Stored Policies at Speed

Monitor Changes in Deployed Policies

Collate reports for all tenants enrolled

Policy Quality Control

Best Practice 365 Policy Baselines


Policies we Inforce

  • Endpoint Security Policies

  • Conditional Access Policies

  • Device Policies

  • Apps Policies

  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus Exclusions

  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus

  • Windows Security Experience

  • Antivirus

  • Bitlocker

  • FileVault

  • Microsoft Firewall Defender

  • Microsoft Firewall Defender Rules

  • MacOS Firewall

  • EDR

  • Attack Surface Reduction Rules

  • Exploit Protection

  • App and browser isolation

  • Device Control

  • Web protection

  • Application Protection

  • Conditional Access Policy

  • Conditional Access Named Locations

  • Compliance Policies

  • Configuration Profiles

  • Update Rings

  • iOS Update Policies

  • App Protection Policies

  • App Configuration Policies

  • iOS App Provisioning Profiles

  • S Mode Supplemental Policies

  • Policies for Office Apps

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
Microsoft Intune

Overcome Your Multi Tenant Challenges

We understand common challenges with managing multiple Microsoft Tenants and help you overcome them

Eliminate repetition and errors when deploying the same policies to multiple tenants 


Be confident of your Microsoft security policies with monitoring and tracked changes

Client Reporting

Significantly reduce the time taken to collate data from multiple 365 tenants and show ongoing value


Reduce reliance on dedicated expertise, allowing all skill levels to deploy and manage policies

Inforcer Helping your MSP extract more value from Microsoft 365

Checklist Download

Download: Microsoft Office 365 Security Essentials Checklist

Over 16 points on how to improve overall security stance within Office 365.